AISM Celebrates Science Week

Updated: Sep 13, 2017
General Article


The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) recently celebrated a week of scientific wonder in conjunction with Australia’s National Science Week. The theme was ‘Future Earth’, which aim was to raise awareness of sustainability science, encouraging positive actions that make a direct contribution to the Earth becoming more sustainable.

Students were invited to take part in daily science investigations by the Middle Senior School students who created an array of tasks that captivated the imagination of these young ones. The top picks were definitely the ‘Seedlings’, which many younger students were able to take home. Another highlight was the recycled seed paper, demonstrating how to recycle used paper, reduce waste and re-forest communities. Alongside this recycling, students learnt how to upcycle old coins, citrus fruit and wired bolts to create power and simple machines.  Within classrooms itself, students were given science awards or tokens that celebrated learners who were asking questions, making observations, taking risks and thinking with an analytical mind.


Throughout National Science Week, teachers also played an integral part by demonstrating various projects using electromagnets, 'edible water bubbles', which are made from seaweed extract, a showcase exploring industrial emission reduction, as well as robotics and coding, which makes positive changes to technologies of the future.

The week-long affair would not have been such a tremendous success without the efforts of teachers and students who came together for the love of all things ‘science’. The initiative is indeed proof that AISM’s focus to prepare and inspire their students towards science, future change and mindfulness of the environment is truly evident.

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