Poetry is a form of literature that utilises rhythmic aspects of language and expressive vocabulary to convey a story or message. Writing poetry is beneficial on an intellectual and personal level.

1. Improves language skills

The process of writing poetry can build vocabulary. Individuals will learn how to incorporate new words when writing and understand their meanings. Poetry writing will expose individuals to literary device such as alliteration, metaphors and personification. Their writing skills will improve and writing essays, reports and emails in the future will become easier. Poetry can also be performed live, also known as a poetry slam. Public speaking skills can be improved as well through performing.


2. Sparks creative thinking

Creativity is important when it comes to writing poetry. When someone writes a poem, it forces their brain to come up with creative ways to form sentences to create the structure of a poem. Rhyming is the most common literary device used in poetry. Writers need to be creative in making sure the poem has a flow and the meaning is successfully conveyed.


3. Creates self-awareness

Poetry writing helps people discover who they are. It helps individuals stay in tune with their thoughts and feelings. Through writing, a person can find out more about their personality, likes and dislikes; passions and interests. Poetry is also a good way to express opinions on certain issues. If read by others, poetry can help people connect with one another and start conversations.


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4. As a therapeutic activity

The activity of poetry writing is not only healthy for the mind but for the soul as well. Poetry is an outlet to express frustration, anger and negative thoughts in a safe way. Writing is a therapeutic process that can turn a bad day into a good one. When a poem is written, it results in a sense of accomplishment and pride which in turn increases self-confidence.


5. Expands world views

Those who are passionate about poetry have a chance to widen their world views. They can draw inspiration from what is going on in the world today and turn them into important poems. This will make the writer understand a certain issue better by seeing it from different perspectives. A person who has wide world views can grow to become more empathetic and tolerant.