British boarding schools are steeped in tradition and prestige. There are a number of British boarding schools located in Malaysia. Many of them are sister branches to the schools in the United Kingdom.

5 Characteristics of a British Boarding School

Here are five characteristics of a British boarding school:

1. Students are taught the British Curriculum  

The National Curriculum of England, also known as the British Curriculum, is taught at all British boarding schools. Students are offered a unique British education experience in early years, primary, secondary and pre-university levels. At the end of secondary school, students typically sit for the (I)GCSE examinations. In addition, sixth form students at British boarding schools prepare for A Levels. A British boarding school education increases the chance of gaining entry into top universities in the United Kingdom.


2. Students stay in boarding houses

The student accommodation at boarding schools are called boarding houses. Each school has several boarding houses with its own name, emblem and identity. Students are usually loyal to their house and this creates competitive spirit in their school especially when it comes to inter-house competitions. Each boarding house is looked after by a house-parent who is responsible for the well-being of students living there. Boarding houses for boys and girls are separated at co-educational schools. One room is commonly shared between two or more students.


3. Students follow a daily schedule 

A boarding school education encourages students to be individuals with good discipline and time management skills. This is because students follow a daily routine during weekdays. A typical day of a boarder begins with waking up early and having breakfast. This is followed by classes, extracurricular activities, prep and homework time, free time and an early bedtime. Depending on the school, students are allowed to use their mobile devices and the internet for a specific period of time only. On the weekends, students can go on trips and excursions to nearby areas.


4. Students enjoy top-notch facilities 

British boarding schools are usually built on huge plots of land and have impressive architecture. Some of the common facilities at boarding schools are Olympic-sized swimming pools, football fields, modern auditoriums, libraries, and high-tech computer rooms. Students have the opportunity to enjoy these facilities during and after school hours. Boarding school facilities aim to create a conducive living and learning environment for its students.


5. Students can join a variety of extracurricular activities

British boarding schools have a long list of sports, clubs and performing arts activities for students to choose from. Students can participate in mainstream sports at an advanced level such as tennis, rugby, football and hockey. Boarders have the opportunity to join many activities as they live on school grounds. Furthermore, facilities such as the football field or music room are within walking distance.


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