In Malaysia, many international schools organise school tours for parents on their Open Days. Parents may also contact the school directly to organise a tour of their own. School visits are a great way to gauge whether a particular school is the right fit for you and your child.

Here are five important questions to ask during a school visit!

5 Questions to Ask During a School Visit

1. What is the class environment like?

You can request to observe a class while it is in session. Bring your child along with you to get his or her feedback as well. Take note of the class size, interior design and how the lesson is conducted by the teacher. This is useful for determining whether your child can fit in to the school’s learning environment.


2. Can I have a look at the school’s facilities?

Take your time to explore the school grounds and visit the library, classrooms and cafeteria. Ask your guide to take you to the school’s sporting facilities, music room, art room and auditorium. Don’t forget to enquire about the school’s security measures and protocol.


3. What curricula and examinations does the school offer?

Speak to the principal and teaching staff on the school to get information on how the curriculum is conducted at the school. Ask about the teaching styles, assessment methods, foreign language instruction and examination dates.


4. Can I have the school’s fee structure?  

Some schools do not publish comprehensive information on fees on their website. Take the opportunity to request for the school’s comprehensive list of fees, payment deadlines and payment methods. A number of schools allow parents to pay tuition fees via instalments.


5. What kind of student support does the school provide?

Enquire about the school’s student support services. In terms of academics, ask about the availability of English language support classes and learning provisions for special educational needs. In terms of well-being, find out whether the school has a sick bay and counselling rooms.

Choosing the right school for your child involves plenty of research and financial preparation. To find the best international school in Malaysia for your child, use the powerful School Finder and School Comparison tool today!