At Charterhouse Malaysia we recognise that human intelligence is broad. It is not limited just to academic intelligence but also includes social and emotional intelligence. It includes the ability to think deeply and evaluate that thinking, to grasp new situations quickly and, most importantly, to be able to assess personal abilities. Our unique Spectra Smarts programme aims to develop a student’s full range of potential, ensuring that they are well equipped to make their mark in the world.​


A full scholarship offered by Charterhouse Malaysia for students to pursue the two-year A Level programme, including the International Project Qualification.​


Student Eligibility:​

Satisfactory external results (min 7As in one sitting) Eg: IGCSE/SPM/Equivalent​

Stellar community & School involvement (CCA Participation including leadership internal & external to school)​


Scholarship covers:​

100% tuition fees (Year 12 & Year 13) ​

100% Registration fee​


Register now!​

Contact us at +603 2702 5270 or click the link below:​​