IGCSE, A Levels.


Name of University 

University College London.


Tell us about your course/major and why you chose it.

Pursuing Biochemistry allows me to appreciate and better understand living organisms at a molecular level. I believe this is key to improve many aspects of our daily lives from curing diseases to increasing efficiency in agriculture.

What is your most memorable experience in school? Eco Day was the most memorable experience for me. Being part of the organising committee was a stressful job, but the sight of hundreds of students, teachers and parents participating in our event that we spilled all our heart into was an unforgettable moment.


What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school, and why?

My favourite subject was art because I was able to express the creative side of me. I often indulge in drawing and love the satisfaction when I complete an artwork. 

My least favourite subject was languages because I find difficulties in grasping the technique required to master the subject.  


What extracurricular activities did you do? 

I have always been part of the Eco-Schools since I joined HIS, which gave me the opportunity to be more educated and involved with sustainability. 


What was the best thing about your school? What important lessons did you learn in your school that have helped you in your life?

The best thing about my school was the availability of leadership opportunities. It had a major influence on my personal development while having fun. 

An important lesson I learned was that the greatest rewards come from the worst experiences. Achieving academic excellence with my diligence was undoubtedly the happiest moment in my life. 


If you could travel back in time, what is the one thing that you would change when you were a student? 

When I was a student, I know I tried my very best. Thus, I would not change anything from my past. My accomplishments allowed me to come this far and my mistakes were valuable lessons that formed my identity.


What advice would you give to current students of your alma mater?

If you want to achieve all your dreams and goals, give it your all because you can never achieve anything extraordinary at 99 percent effort.