Ontario Secondary School Diploma


Name of University if currently studying

University of Toronto, St. George Campus


If you are studying at university, tell us about your course/major and why you chose it.

I am pursuing a Financial Economics Specialist program at the University of Toronto. I have always been intrigued and inquisitive with how different economies function. Both economics and finance are key to understanding the core foundations of how our dynamic society works. I believe that this area of study will not only be knowledgeably rewarding, but it will also allow me develop the necessary skills to assist the scales of society.


What is your most memorable experience in school? 

My most memorable experience in school was participating in the school’s annual performance night in 2012. My friends and I sang to a song, while our teacher played the guitar. The event was a stepping stone in teaching me to not be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. 


What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school, and why?

My favourite subject in school was economics. Despite the initial difficulty in understanding the workings of institutions, the subject expanded my view of the world and served as a stepping stone to becoming an inquisitive learner.


Due to particular interests and personal skills, my least favourite subject in school is art. However, I am grateful for the exposure to new concepts and ideas I had learned. 


What extracurricular activities did you do? 

I was a member in my school’s cheerleading team, and was the captain of the team for a year. 


What was the best thing about your school? What important lessons did you learn in your school that have helped you in your life?

My school’s focus on personal development in and outside of the classroom has allowed me to gain an immense amount of educational and personal skills. The most important lesson that SIS has taught me (and has helped me immensely in my life to this day) is to be a critical thinker. Critical thinking has molded me to become an active learner in every aspect of my life. By opening up my mind and heart to multiple points of views, I am able to have a broader and more enriching experience of the world.


If you could travel back in time, what is the one thing that you would change when you were a student? 

I would have participated in more clubs and school events, as they were all not only very enjoyable, but rewarding as well. Participating in these activities could have further aided my personal development.


What advice would you give to current students of your alma mater?

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Whether it be within the classroom (e.g.. asking questions) or in extracurricular activities (e.g. joining a club). Your most enriching moments in life are shaped by you, and the school serves as a wonderful platform to provide you with these opportunities. You will be surprised with how capable you are to grow as an individual within this environment.