Qualifications: POWIIS – A Levels, Uplands - IGCSE

Name of University if currently studying: St Cloud State University

If you are studying at university, tell us about your course/major and why you chose it.

Marketing major because I am interested in the creative side of businesses as well as wanting to promote businesses that sell/provide ethical goods/services. Psychology minor because I have an interest in the subject and it complements my major well.

What is your most memorable experience in school?

Being the president of the Ball Committee in POWIIS.

What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school, and why?

POWIIS: Favourite was psychology because of the teacher and the content learned. Least favourite was Design Technology because of personal medical issues, I wasn’t able to fully engage in everything POWIIS’ DT studio and the A Level course had to offer.

UPLANDS: Favourite was graphic design because I was really good at it and the teacher really allowed me to harness my skills. Least favourite was English literature because I did not want to take that subject at all and my analytical skills needed improvement at that point in time.

What extracurricular activities did you do? 

POWIIS: Senior girls football team, ball committee (president 2019, general affairs manager 2018), humanitarian committee (PR), Cornwall House Captain

UPLANDS: Vice president of Uplands Student Council

What was the best thing about your school? 

The opportunities provided as well as the tight knit community.

If you could travel back in time, what is the one thing that you would change when you were a student? 

Taking advantage of the opportunities I didn’t take up – school productions, more sporting activities, more volunteer opportunities. Academically, I would have chosen different subjects – but at the time I had a different degree in mind.

What advice would you give to current students of your alma mater?

Take advantage of all the opportunities that are available, make strong and meaningful connections with faculty as they truly are a great help during school and post-graduation, too.

What lessons did you learn in 2020?

Flexibility and resilience are very important skills!