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Qualifications IGCSE

What are you currently doing? I am a student at University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), a Junior majoring in Speech/Language Pathology.

What is your most memorable experience in school? My most memorable school experience was the graduation trip to Outward Bound School with my classmates and teachers.

What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school, and why? My favourite subject was French, because it was interesting and I get to learn an entirely new language. My least favourite subject has got to be Math as Math classes have always been challenging for me.

What extracurricular activities did you do? Yoga, Broadway Club, Netball.

What was the best thing about your school? What important lessons did you learn in your school that have helped you in your life? The best thing about my school was the people. My high school teachers and friends are still people I hold dear to my heart because of the incredible memories of high school. Through all the assignments and other extracurricular and leadership role demands, I have learnt how to manage my time wisely. Time management is the key to reaching any goal.

Describe your experience in school using three words. Fun, memorable, safe.

What advice would you give to current students of your alma mater? Get out of your comfort zone, be kind to others and stay focused!