Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) students have done it again! The Higher School Certificate (HSC) results of 2022 are out and AISM has created history once again. The school has the highest placing ever in the history of AISM as one of the top 100 Higher School Certificate Schools globally. 

Some highlights of last year’s HSC results are:

  1. Nichole Ong from AISM has been awarded the top overall student in the world for the 2022 HSC Society and Culture subject!  Xueyi Chee from the school ranked in the top 5 overall students in the world for the 2022 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 subject. 

  2. Both Nichole Ong and Xueyi Chee are named as the HSC all-round achievers for receiving the highest possible grade band (subject scores 90% or more) in one or more subjects.

  3. Exceeding 2021’s benchmark, 50% of 2022 HSC results are within the top two bands (subject scores 80% and above). 

If the HSC results of this year are anything to go by, AISM is going from strength to strength and transcending itself every year in creating students who are not just excelling academically but are going on to build impressive careers. 

Most of the 2021 students who passed HSC from AISM have been accepted into some of the most renowned and top universities in the world. This year’s HSC pass-outs too will surely accomplish great things, being trained and taught in one of the best schools in the world and through a framework that has prepared them to use their full potential in whichever career field they choose. So, here’s wishing them all the best for their future. 

Building global citizens of tomorrow

Being the first Visible Learning school in the world, AISM has shown how research-based methods of teaching can lead to holistic learning for students. Always staying updated with researched techniques for imparting education, AISM pass-out students have found place in some of the most prestigious universities around the world, most notably in Australian universities like Australian National University, Newcastle University, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales. AISM students have also been accepted into renowned universities in other countries as well such as the University of Edinburgh in the UK, George Mason University in the USA, Tokyo University in Japan, National University of Singapore in Singapore, and University of British Columbia in Canada, to name just a few. 

The school prides itself in not just producing academically inclined students but individuals as global citizens. The school lays as much importance on co-curricular activities as on academic learning, ensuring that AISM students are top achievers in both academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The student wall of fame bears evidence of just how distinguished and all-around talented AISM students are. 

Gift your children the right education

AISM has proven time and again that it is one of the best international schools in Malaysia. So, if you want your children to have the best education that can prepare them to face an unknown future, consider enrolling them at AISM. You can book a school tour and see for yourself how education in this school is not just a classroom thing where students sit through lessons. Here students lead their own learning journey with teachers guiding them on their way. 

To know more about AISM and their teaching methods, visit Admissions for Term 1/2023 is ongoing and if you are interested in enrolling your children to AISM, contact the admissions office for more information or book a school tour by visiting here.