It is always a privilege to be part of a new project in Education so the opportunity to be part of the development and conceptual thinking around Beaconhouse Newlands International School was an exciting opportunity. There are many aspects to the success of a child’s education and the road to their chosen dream. Children are passionate about everything they do and to be in a position to harness this during their school days is an opportunity not to be missed.

At Beaconhouse Newlands International School we look carefully at the needs of the child and coupled with current educational research have designed a programme following the Cambridge curriculum which brings excitement, challenge, enthusiasm and confidence.  The involvement of Parents, teachers, Local, National and International organisations are important in giving the students access to all aspects of life. We have a wide and varied co-curricular programme which supports the Academic life of the student. Students can opt to complete their homework in school, attend a subject clinic or devise different experiments in Science club. All students study music and we were honoured and proud when our band performed at the recent SKIPS Award Ceremony. The students represent their House in a variety of competitive activities including Spelling Bee, Public Speaking, Singing or dance performances as well as designing Posters and booklets over a range of different subjects.  The opportunity to learn about the dangers faced by our environment from the USCI students, to be part of the Young Innovate Programme: developing real life solutions to issues people face each day as well as enjoying the performances from visiting Theatre Groups and Poets are all part of our learning experience.

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The road to success involves many things. Not just the ability to acquire knowledge but to develop a desire to learn more and to have the ability to use this knowledge when facing challenges in life. The students at Beaconhouse Newlands enjoy their time at school learning through different mediums and taking responsibility for their own learning with the teacher as the facilitator and mentor.

Our new Library encourages the students to enter at any time to pick up a book, read for enjoyment and develop their problem-solving and tactical play skills, whilst working collaboratively through board games and activities. The library is a bright and attractive environment. We took the decision to move away from chairs and tables and introduce DOOF® bags. The students of all ages will come into the library, choose a beanbag, find a spot with their friends or a quiet corner, take and read. The introduction of DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) into the curriculum allows the children to be guided through their reading and learn to enjoy the value of books.

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In developing a holistic approach to learning, the curriculum has a balance of sporting activities. We know from the research that has been done over the last twenty years that there are four crucial lifestyle activities that are required for the brain to function at its best: Sleep, Exercise and Oxygen, Diet and Hydration. In ensuring each student has the best possible start we have introduced a wide ranging Sports and Physical Education programme into the curriculum. The addition of a swimming pool to the school campus ensures all children learn to swim as well as learning water safety and developing the skills in multiple water based activities. We run a swim club for students and the swim team was victorious in its first year. During the Sports programme the students not only develop their fitness, but they are encouraged to improve their leadership skills, increase their tactical awareness, improve their motor skills and develop their collaborative skills. The students have participated in competitions both at House level, school level and have represented Beaconhouse Malaysia in the recent Sport and Cultural Tour to Thailand. They play sports which range from Gymnastics to Netball to Futsal to Ultimate Frisbee.

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Our most recent focus has been the diet and the development of a state of the art Café. The Café is built so that it is organised into age appropriate areas for the children with different styles of furniture and fittings. This is to encourage the students to spend time over their food enjoying the experience and also developing their social skills with their peers.  All children are taught the importance of a balanced diet and with the appointment of a new Chef for the start of the new school year in September we are looking at the health benefits of certain foods. We have looked at recent trials conducted in the UK on the improvements in memory that different food can bring to a student and will be looking to introduce this research into our programme for a healthy life style.

The road to success is an exciting and challenging pathway for students and parents, and here at Beaconhouse Newlands we look forward to working with you to ensure that all our students fulfil their dreams and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

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