Describe yourself in three words.

Outgoing, Hard-working, Enthusiastic 

When did you start boarding?

How long have you been a boarder? I have been living in boarding since I joined RAS in 10th Grade. and have been a boarder for about two years. 

What do you like best about boarding?

What I like most about boarding is that I made a lot of friends here. During this period of time, I learned a lot from my friends and the dedicated staff. 

What do you like least about boarding?

I don’t like that I can’t hang out with my friends outside of school. 

What do you miss most about not staying at home?

I miss my grandparents the most because I can’t stay with them since I had to live in boarding.  

Tell us your most memorable boarding school incident!

My memorable boarding school incident is the Neon Night Party held by our boarding director. We had a lot of similar events but I think that event was my favourite because all the students came downstairs and played games with the teachers. At that moment, I feel like it’s not a boarding school any more but a big family home for all of us. 

What opportunities has boarding given you that you would not have had otherwise?

When I stayed with my parents, I barely did house chores. My room was always messy and I never cleaned my closet. In boarding, nobody will clean the closet except yourself. And now I clean my room at least twice a week to make it nice and neat. Boarding has taught me the importance of routine and to have a clean living environment for a productive mind.

Would you encourage other students to be boarders as well? Why?

I think it will be fun experience for you to live in boarding. It’s a big family that we all have each other’s back. They are always there for you when you are upset and they will also celebrate with you when you succeed. 

What do you hope to do when you finish school?

I have just received an acceptance letter from the prestigious New York University in the US! Thanks to Raffles American School I have been able to achieve my goal being accepted into my desired University and I can’t wait to begin studying there.

What lessons did you learn in 2020?

Never lose hope and keep trying. You will never know the result unless you give it a try.