Describe yourself in three words.

Independent, logical and thoughtful.


When did you start boarding? How long have you been a boarder?

I started boarding in September 2017, so I’ve been boarding for slightly more than 2 years now. 


What do you like best about boarding?

You spend a lot of time with your housemates so this allows you to forge really strong bonds with them.


What do you like least about boarding? 

Having to leave my parents and my dogs back at home!


What do you miss most about not staying at home?

All the food.


Tell us your most memorable boarding school incident! Tell us your most memorable boarding school incident! 

Last year we had House Basketball right before the Christmas dinner so everyone was rushing to get ready after their games. Luckily Sixth Formers have their own bathroom so my friends and I did not have to rush to shower, but it was quite amusing to see the younger girls clamouring for a bathroom stall in the common shower!  


What opportunities has boarding given you that you would not have had otherwise?

Getting to know people in such a deep way throughout such a short period of time. 


Would you encourage other students to be boarders as well? Why?

I would definitely encourage older students to board if possible because it prepares you very well for life at university especially if you’re going overseas to study.


What do you hope to do when you finish school?

I hope to be working in healthcare and spending time to pursue my passions.