Emeritus Professor Pierre Léna paid tribute to Professor Emeritus Yves Quéré during the successful setting up of the Yves Quéré IBSE Pilot Centre at Sri Bestari Private School Kuala Lumpur on 7 April 2021 in conjunction with the launch event officiated by His Excellency Mr Roland Galharague, the French Ambassador to Malaysia. 



Professor Pierre Léna together with Nobel Laureate Professor Georges Charpak and Professor Yves Quéré had set-up La main à la pâte in 1996 and is now referred to as the La Fondation La main à la pâte after the endorsement of Académie des Sciences, the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon in 2011. The aim of the La main à la pâte IBSE programme is to improve the quality of Science and technology teaching in primary and secondary schools where this pedagogical approach of inquiry-based learning stimulates analytical and critical thinking skills as well as develops language skills and ultimately deepens the students’ understanding of the world they live in.

Sri Bestari Private School KL which adopted the IBSE approach since 2016 under the Pilot 2 IBSE programme in collaboration with the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre (ISTIC), Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM) and the Malaysian Ministry of Education, has invested much effort and resources the past few years in improving and innovating how Science is taught in the school. With the launch of the Yves Quéré IBSE Pilot Centre, Sri Bestari Private School KL will now start to play a leading role in the dissemination of the inquiry-based approach in Science with partner schools and the community.

In his congratulatory speech, Professor Pierre Léna who had worked so closely with Professor Quéré over two (2) decades, thanked him for his constant friendship, inspiration, leadership and generosity espoused through the years and wished a long and successful Yves Quéré IBSE Pilot Centre at the school. 

Professor Pierre Léna noted that the current Covid-19 pandemic faced requires the role of Science and Medicine for a solution.  Professor Léna being a keen advocate of climate change and biodiversity stated the immense responsibility of teachers and schools in preparing our children for the challenges ahead. The common business as usual approach is not the course to take but schools play such an important role is exposing students to Science which must be rooted in the steep historical foundations that had ensued those scientific discoveries for better understanding and appreciation of Science as we now navigate the new challenges brought upon by climate change. 

Professor Léna expressed the need to develop the passion for Science in schools together with the issues of climate change in the world and through the Yves Quéré IBSE Pilot Centre at the school has now an excellent opportunity to explore this new frontier among the students and the community. The school being an ECO School and a Green Flag Award holder awarded by WWF-Malaysia and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), Denmark is now poised to bring together the issues of climate change and biodiversity through our ECO Schools programme through an Inquiry-Based approach in understanding the Science of the environment at the school, said Dr Baptist, the Principal of the Sri Bestari Private School Kuala Lumpur.