Natalie Tham

Epsom College in Malaysia is pleased to announce that the Head of College, Natalie Tham, was one of the best performing learners in the Cambridge International AS Level examinations in June 2015. Natalie scored “A” grades in all four subject papers (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English) and won the ‘Top in Malaysia’ award for Literature in English.

"I am delighted for Natalie and for the College. The students who have taken examinations in 2015 have all done extremely well, with nearly 60% of AS results being A or B grades. Natalie typifies the hard work, dedication and aspiration of our students," remarked Martin George, the Headmaster of Epsom College in Malaysia.

Natalie’s success is extremely impressive and reflects the efforts and diligence of staff and pupils who have worked so hard during the first year at Epsom College.

All Cambridge International Examinations students in Malaysia are eligible for the prestigious ‘Top in Malaysia’ award. The primary purpose of the awards is to celebrate and recognize the success of high-performing Cambridge learners.

Natalie will accept her award at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony at Garden International School on 26 November 2015. “I hope to continue to achieve my best in the A2 English Literature exams,” said Natalie.

“The award had definitely come as a surprise to me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning English Literature at AS, immersing myself in the thoroughly captivating realm of Shakespeare's forests and fairies - the imagination flourishes within the enchanted Midsummer woodlands,” enthused Natalie. “Contrasting this with the serious undertones of A Man For All Seasons and the abhorrent realities of Owen's war trenches, the breadth of study was exceptional,” she added.

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