Writing is an integral communication skill in addition to reading, speaking and listening. Basic writing skills are important especially when a child enters school as it is an unavoidable part in completing assignments, homework and examinations. If your child is not a natural writer or does not enjoy it, there are a few things you can do as parents to spark their interest in writing. 

Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

1. Read!

In order to write well, having a wide vocabulary is helpful. The best way to expand your child’s vocabulary is through reading. You can read bedtime stories to them before bed, buy books that reflect their interests and encourage them to read! Reading and writing truly go hand in hand. Through reading, your child will learn new words and be aware of writing techniques, literary devices and sentence structures. 


2. Fun Writing Activities 

Some children may view writing as a tedious or boring task. Here is when you can use technology to your advantage! There are plenty of resources online that can help make writing fun. You can teach your children how to create a blog and write posts. In addition, there are plenty of writing prompts on the Internet if you run out of ideas for topics. Furthermore, you can also explore online games and mobile apps that will help your child with their grammar and vocabulary. 


3. Introduce Journaling 

If your child is inclined towards drawing, why not introduce journaling to them? You can purchase hard cover notebooks and colourful pens for your child so that they can start journaling. Encourage them to write about their day, draw pictures and be as creative as possible. This is a more fun way of instilling the habit of writing without the use of technology. 


4. Encourage Writing about Interests 

Sit down with your child and have a talk about their interests and passions. Whether it’s sports, video games, or music, they can make great topics for writing. Start by teaching them to write sentences before moving on to paragraphs and short stories. Remember to check your child’s work and correct any glaring mistakes but never discourage them or say that their writing is bad. 


In today’s technology-driven world, the interest in writing has waned with the presence of mobile apps and social media. It is important to let your children know that writing is a lifelong skill that is beneficial throughout their lives. They will need to continue writing even at university and at the workplace. If you don’t have the time to carry out the steps mentioned, there are a number of English language learning centres that can help your child improve their writing skills. 

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