IDRISSI School Hosts Colouring Competition for Charity

Reflecting on the theme of Malaysia's 64th National Day "Malaysia Prihatin"

IDRISSI School is inspired to initiate a programme as part of celebrating the 64th National Day of Malaysia with “Malaysia Prihatin” as the theme, parallels with the heroic efforts of Malaysians helping fellow citizens throughout the tough time.

The Charity Colouring Competition is open to all Malaysians of age 3-17 years old, based on four different categories, which is A, B, C and D. Categories A, B and C will need to colour the drawing given, while Category D will be required to draw and colour based on the chosen theme, “Life is Hard: Overcoming the Adversities Together” or “Kindness Beyond Borders: Nothing is Too Little.”

As part of giving back to the country, each registration fee of RM10 will be donated to a hospital to support the costs of medical supplies and aids.

Anyone of age 3-17 years old can participate and cash prizes worth RM2,000 are to be won. Submissions of the entry must be made online. CLICK HERE to read the terms and conditions for more information. Register now!