Experience a Momentous Trip to The Golden Wonders of The World in a Day! 

Can you imagine hopping from one world’s wonder to another? Let’s grab the opportunity to have a momentous and magical trip to not only one wonder of the world, but 20 places in just one day! Psst... you will be given a special passport to enter these wonderous countries and get a chance to redeem a mystery gift!

Visit the Golden Wonders of The World Exhibition, organised by IDRISSI International School - an exhibition that unfolds geographic and historic aspects hidden behind the world’s wondrous places. There will be educational booths, demonstrations, games and showcases to highlight, not only the interesting facts but also the unexpected findings behind the places. It will be presented in unique ways with 3D demonstrations and set up using up to 80% recyclable materials by upcycling methods based on IDRISSI’s Eco curriculum and learning approach. 

The feature booth and showcase is the Amazon Rainforest where you can board off for up-close look and hands-on experiences in the beauty and wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. There will also be pocket showcases on stage - demonstration, sketch, performance and other refreshing presentations by students and some exclusive contents from IDRISSI School’s guests. 

Save the date and see you there on 16 November 2019, 11 AM until 5 PM!

IDRISSI Golden Wonders of The World Exhibition

IDRISSI Golden Wonders of The World Exhibition