Have you ever felt that you have no one to turn to when your child behaves differently all of a sudden? We understand, the biggest challenge for autistic children is not being helped, whereas for parents, it is not knowing when and how to help. This is due to the unavailability of home therapists that can help and guide them at any hours. 


IDRISSI Home Therapy Programme is designed to help parents to be their child’s personal therapist, whether it be speech therapist, occupational therapist and behavioural therapistyou can!


Why home therapy?

Due to the pandemic, home environment plays a very critical role. As parents’ anxiety, stress, tension and domestic violence can worsen the child’s condition, we will help parents to go beyond these difficulties.


What will you get in this programme?

  • Free consultation

  • Free case study based on the child’s case and situation

  • Weekly individual and customized programme

  • Flexible time option


Our home therapy programme will give parents the weekly individual and customized programme after the child’s case and situation are being analyzed. Based on that, we will design a specific and special programme to treat and improve the challenging behaviors that the child has. This will help parents to prepare themselves to be the 24-hour therapist at home.


What sets our home therapy apart?

We do not only design the individual and customized programme but we also support, communicate and supervise the parent’s day by day till we reach the desired improvement and target.


You are welcome to join this programme, if you are:

  • Parents of children with learning difficulties like autism or ADHD

  • Parents of children with challenging behaviours or with social emotional challenges

  • Anyone interested to learn about this (students, therapist, teachers, educators etc.)


This programme is 100% guaranteed treatment, as we will help you side by side until your child recovers. Register at this link and get your FREE consultation now!