The October 2020 IGCSE Maths examination results came out in January 2021 and all the students who took the exam achieved an A* grade, an outstanding result. From this cohort, Minwoo, an Uplander since Year 7, and Anh who has progressed from Primary into Secondary at Uplands, both achieved the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations Top of the World award in Mathematics for their excellent score of 100%. Congratulations Minwoo and Anh for the brilliant work and incredible achievement. It is wonderful to see our Uplands students achieving such remarkable results showing the value of an Uplands education. 


Last year in October, I took the IGCSE Extended Mathematics Exam that I was originally supposed to take in May: this delay gave me time to do more past papers, which is why I think I was able to receive such a high score. By May, I already had a solid understanding of all the content in the syllabus, and so during the extra time I was given, I mainly worked on solving questions more quickly (and accurately) so that I would have more time to check over my answers during the final exam. If you are aiming for a high score in Extended Mathematics, I recommend you to do many past papers so that you become familiar with the format of the exam and the types of questions that are usually asked. Make sure to also mark all the papers that you do so you can work on improving your weaknesses and reducing careless mistakes. I also want to thank Ms. Tan for being such an amazing maths teacher. She helped me a lot and always gave me motivation to do well. Lastly, to everyone taking the exam in May, good luck! You can do this :)

Submitted by Minwoo, Year 11


I was disappointed when I heard that the IGCSE Extended Maths Exam was moved from May to October last year. By summer, I already had a good grasp of the knowledge required and practiced rigorously with exam papers. From then until October, I continued doing light revision to maintain progress. When doing past papers, it is more important to take your time and review mistakes after each paper rather than trying to complete as many as possible. You should make sure you understand the theory well before attempting past papers, otherwise it can be confusing. I paced myself when answering questions so that I would have enough time to check my paper at least once. Although I didn’t expect the results that I received, I’m glad that my work paid off. I owe many thanks to Ms Tan for being an amazing and incredibly supportive teacher to me for the past few years. Although Math isn’t my strength, she motivated me to give it my all. Good luck to everyone taking the Exam in May!! I believe in you and I’m sure you will do well. 

Submitted by Anh, Year 11