Beautiful schools need to also have beautiful functions. They need to deliver on promises to achieve superior educational outcomes. Kingsgate classroom 3 Kingsgate International School, Global Services in Education and SAYHAN LIM ARCHITECT company partnered to design what many are saying is the most beautiful classroom in Malaysia. The design was thoughtfully planned based on research about what will truly maximise student achievement. But why and what does that mean? Research is clear:

  • Increased daylight increases Mathematics and Reading scores.
  • Great indoor air quality (IAQ) increases students’ ability to perform mental tasks requiring concentration, memory and calculation.
  • Better acoustics delivers 20% higher scores on word recognition tests.
  • Functional colour schemes reduce poor behavior.
  • Excellent ergonomics improves short term memory and learning.
  • Appropriate temperature and humidity increases achievement, task performance and attention span.
  • Smaller learning communities with increased collaboration and group work increases student retention as well as supporting critical thinking.

Modern schools need modern spaces that accelerate opportunities for learning. Yes, there are “beautiful schools” but all schools need to be performance driven. They need to achieve superior educational outcomes. Kingsgate classroom 2 The new Kingsgate classroom will be over 100m2 in size, on the ground floor alone, to ensure students have large spaces to interact with many resources and spaces needed for innovative learning. Classrooms will incorporate technology including an electronic smart board that the teacher and students can interact with. Personal devices will allow individual access but also ensure students are collaborative with technology, thus avoiding the stereotype of students staring at screens all day. “We wanted to make sure that the space was both engaging but functional. When you design an educational space, teachers and students must understand the story that sits behind the design and how to extract the benefits from it. The collaboration was extensive within our team and through our network of early childhood specialists.” - Greg Parry, CEO In addition to the main ground floor space, classrooms will have a mezzanine floor including areas for reading , resting and interacting for a range of purposes. Quick entry back to the main floor can be facilitated either by stairs or through a fun slide built between the mezzanine and the ground floor. Kingsgate is very proud of their classroom design and our teachers are delighted. Most classrooms are less than half this size and are built to maximise occupancy. Kingsgate classrooms are designed to help children learn. Contact the admissions staff at to learn more about Kingsgate International School. logox2