The Cambridge IGCSE Results 2022 was released back on the 18th of August and we, at Seri Botani International School, are thrilled to present you the May/June Cambridge IGCSE results for our first batch of Year 11 students (Class 2021/2022)!

These past few years have been life-changing in students’ educational journeys. The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt teaching and learning worldwide, and we understand that students and their families have faced multiple challenges in many different ways. Our priority throughout this time has been to enable students to progress with their education in the fairest, and safest way possible.

More than ever, we would like to congratulate our Year 11 students for their hard work towards these results. They’ve shown great resilience and dedication to get to this point, and we are very proud of everyone’s achievements.

We are exceptionally contented that our 100% of our students achieved an A*/A in 3 subjects which are First Language English (FLE), History and Foreign Language Mandarin.

For Physics and Mandarin as a Second Language, 88% of our students scored an A*/A while 80% scored an A*/A for Chemistry. Following suit, 78% of our students achieved an A/A* for Biology.

In addition to attaining great results on the individual subjects, we have some exceptional top achievers for IGCSE this year. Carysse Chua obtains a straight 8A*, crowning her as the top-tier achiever of SBIS! On the other hand, our Head Prefect and state swimmer, Koo Zi Yi achieving a solid 7A*2A. Furthermore, Manvir Singh acquires 4A*4A, Renee Kwong with 3A*5A and Leong Mun Yee with 5A*2A, earning themselves as the top achievers.

These results are doubly impressive given that this cohort entered ‘lockdown’ back in March 2020 due to the pandemic when they were still in Year 9. Many of the same students spent their Year 10, remote learning from home, which affects their learning in general.

Thus, we are really proud of our students’ performances in this year’s IGCSE examinations. The phenomenal grades secured by our students are a true reflection of their commitments and dedication to achieve academic excellence. With these impressive grades, we are confident that our students will succeed in the next phase of their academic life and careers.

Last but not least, we would also like to congratulate all teachers and staff on the support they have given to the Year 11 students. Here at SBIS, we believe that commitment and passion for education are fundamental to the students’ success.


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