There are over 60 international schools located in Selangor today. Each school has varying fee structures. Therefore, it is important to find a school that fits your budget.

There are plenty of good international schools in Malaysia, especially in Selangor. Here are the international schools in Selangor that charge above RM50,000 for Year 7 annual tuition fees.


1. The Alice Smith School

The Alice Smith School offers the British curriculum, IGCSE and A-Level examinations. Established in 1946, it is considered one of the oldest international schools in Malaysia. Alice Smith Primary is in Kuala Lumpur; while Alice Smith Secondary is in Selangor.


2. The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL)

Founded in 2009, BSKL in Bandar Utama offers a premier British education from Early Years to Sixth Form. Additionally, they provide a personalised multilingual learning environment where students can master Mandarin, Spanish, French and Malay.

For more information about BSKL, visit their website here



3. Fairview International School

Fairview International School is the first largest network of IB Schools in Malaysia. They offer the IB curriculum to students in Primary, Middle Years and Diploma levels.