How do you envision a better world?

At The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), ten words make up the school’s vision: know yourself, care for all, and create a better world. The school believes these words put together are powerful tools in its mission to inspire learners to shape their path as global citizens.

Cultivating learners who think and act as global citizens is more pressing than ever to meet the opportunities and challenges of today’s interdependent world, hence why service learning is integral to ISKL’s holistic approach to education. Essentially, we do not just envision a better future; we help your child create it.


Learning Through Service

“Our students continue to impress with their insightfulness, willingness to challenge themselves, and passion for helping to shape a better world. This is evidenced in all aspects of school life– academic, service, sustainability, and the care and empathy they show to each other.” - ISKL’s Head of School, Rami Madani.

At ISKL, service learning is more than an assignment- the curriculum is designed to ensure all students become involved and understand community needs, solution planning, and action. In Elementary School, The Red Hat community service leadership project was introduced in 2003, where Grade 5 students take on leadership roles and coordinate many community service projects. In Middle School, students adopted one service project for the year to highlight the importance of giving service, in addition to the community service clubs offered after school.

In High School, IB students take on CAS, which stands for ‘Creativity, Activity, Service’ that empowers students to embark on a journey of self-discovery by regularly participating in various activities, including service initiatives. This led to CAS projects that benefit a cause or individuals, such as Seungyoon H’s food donation drive and Steve X’s volunteer experience. These experiential learnings enable students to undertake new challenges, develop new skills, and examine the ethical implications of one’s actions.

Inspiring Co-curricular Program

“Doing service projects takes a lot of time and effort, but as long as it is a cause you are passionate about, the time and effort it takes will feel like nothing.” - Asha Octoman (‘21)

ISKL students have always dedicated time and effort to service as it strongly reflects our values as a community. From starting a National Honor Society club back in 1999 to sponsoring service learning clubs such as Habitat for Humanity (H4H), a wide variety of service learning clubs such as the Special Children Society of Ampang (SCSOA), Amnesty Club, and Within Malaysia were available to students then and now that encourage them to make positive changes in the world around them.

Beyond clubs, ISKL believes in the benefits of combining service learning with an outdoor adventure through school-wide programs designed for learners to gain different perspectives, develop new skills, and build global understanding. Our students begin with overnight trips in Grade 4 and 5, then on to one of the highlights of Middle School- Malaysia Week, before taking on the exciting challenge of ISKL’s unique Global Action Program (GAP).

A Whole Community Effort

Service learning does not just stop at the student level. Initiatives such as ISKL’s Refugee Teacher Training program to upskill and train teachers and leaders from learning centers in the refugee community exemplify the power of positively affecting positive change in the local community. Besides faculty, our dedicated Parent Teacher Association (PTA) also presents Panther Spirit as they help raise funds for the Faisal Cup and various local charities.

When individuals move on from ISKL, they still keep service as a core element in their lives- some even found a lifelong passion. Laurence Myers, who worked at ISKL from 2002 to 2016, supported the learning of refugee children and other similar service-related programs. Laurence was a pioneer of the Green Initiatives program, leading to ISKL becoming the first recipient of the Green Flag Award of the Eco-Schools Programme Malaysia.


“When I came back from GAP, I realized my perspective on what mattered had changed. There’s a lot more than just working for ourselves. The balance is spending more time helping people who need it the most.” Marlee Ellison (‘13)

As parents, we want to empower our children to lead happy, successful lives and thrive as global citizens. A fundamental element of ISKL’s holistic approach is the service learning opportunities integrated into our curriculum that reaches the entire community. Each individual understands the importance of active community involvement and learns the skills needed to take action and spark a positive change.

Please visit our page here to learn more about service learning at ISKL. It’s time to find yourself at ISKL and create a better world!