Acmar International and Private Schools have a heritage that spans over 20 years. Leading Malaysian property developer, the Acmar Group, ventured into the education space with the establishment of Sekolah Sri Acmar in 1996. Since then, Sekolah Sri Acmar has garnered fantastic reviews from parents and is known for its outstanding track record when it comes to academic performance. Due the success of Sekolah Sri Acmar, the Acmar Group decided to make their mark in international education by launching Acmar International School in 2018.  

Located in the heart of Bandar Baru Klang, Acmar International and Private Schools is accessible via four major highways - NKVE, Federal, Shapadu and WCE. The schools are also walking distance from the LRT3 line which is slated to begin operating in a few years’ time.  

Acmar International School  

As a Cambridge certified examination centre, Acmar International School offers a British-based education to students in Early Years, Primary Years and Secondary Years. Students are prepared to sit for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations during their final year of schooling.  

The experienced educators at Acmar International School are aware of the demands the future commands where holistic developments will shape the future of today’s children — Intelligent Quotient (IQ), Physical Quotient (PQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Spiritual Quotient (SQ) development. Therefore, Acmar International School provides students with a conducive and stimulating learning environment to unlock their full academic potential and learn important 21st century skills. Top-notch facilities at the school include Creative & ICT Hubs, AcmarTunes Studios and MakerSpace.  

Through the school’s Early Years education (nursery and reception), Primary school (KS1 to KS2) and IGCSE secondary programmes (KS3 to KS4), the ideal platform is prepared for students to acquire holistic development of their creative, intellectual and social prowess. The school also paves the way for primary and secondary students to learn and improve their Mandarin proficiency with specialised YCT and HSK programmes.  

Equipped with a wide-range of activities, students enjoy quality teaching, art, sports and the performing arts. Acmar International School also steers students into becoming well-rounded, healthy and active individuals with recreational activities such as basketball, futsal, badminton, swimming and more. The school believes in nurturing intellectually, physically and morally balanced students, and providing opportunities for self-discovery. 

Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar  

Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar offers the convenience of access and aims to create a welcoming atmosphere for its students. The school’s capable educators strive to lay a strong academic foundation by using the updated KSSR and KSSM Education Syllabus. English is the main medium of instruction when it comes to language teaching and learning methods. There is also dual language emphasis where Science and Mathematics subjects offer students a strong command of both Bahasa Malaysia and English. In addition, the school’s Special Mathematics Programme provides the right building blocks for future professionals.  

Students also get to enjoy and utilise the school’s excellent facilities that offer immersing growth experiences. Apart from fully air-conditioned classrooms and library; facilities include a swimming pool, art & cooking rooms, and nine indoor badminton courts. Well planned and structured programmes throughout the year ensure that all students receive the best academic curriculum and co-curriculum activities. 

Overall, students at Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar receive an education that prepares them for success when they pursue tertiary education both locally and internationally. They are nurtured at every stage of their schooling to become confident and independent adults. Driven to deliver a holistic education to students, Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar believes in providing a conducive and inspiring environment to spur all-rounded growth in addition to learning.  

Characterised by the motto, “Wisdom and Love,” Acmar International and Private Schools have built an insignia of guiding students intellectually, physically and emotionally. Wisdom cannot exist without love and vice versa as both are essential elements for children of today to learn and become responsible individuals, allowing them to soar to greater heights.  


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