The recent Sri KDU Schools’ 20th Anniversary Fun Day was an absolute joy, filled with exuberance from our students, parents, and the entire school community!

Throughout our Kota Damansara campus, a diverse array of activities unfolded across various locations. Vendor booths adorned with art and crafts not only provided a platform for students, parents, and teachers to display their entrepreneurial skills but also added a vibrant atmosphere to the celebrations. Additionally, captivating orchestral performances and musical instrument showcases highlighted the exceptional talents of our students.

From the Multi-Purpose School Hall to the school field hosting the fun run, a wide range of engaging activities spread across our primary buildings. Enthralling events, such as sumo wrestling, human water cannon ball, and football matches, kept the excitement high throughout the day. 

The occasion was made even more special as it welcomed back alumni for their induction into the esteemed Sri KDU Alumni Hall of Fame. Their active involvement in the Tree Planting session, supported by trees donated by the Sri KDU Community, added a nostalgic and enduring touch to the festivities. 

Students and parents reminisced about the journey of Sri KDU Kota Damansara through a photo booth exhibition, witnessing its evolution from humble beginnings to its esteemed stature in the education industry. As a lasting tribute, significant items contributed by students for inclusion in the Time Capsule were showcased, destined to preserve cherished memories for generations within the school premises. 

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