We are so proud to announce that Straits International School Rawang has won the Silver award for the most XP points earned in Sparx Maths from September to December 2022. Our school has been one of the top-performing schools in Sparx Maths over the past few months. The Sparx Super Star Awards are only given to a few schools each term, and we are so proud that our school is one of them. 

Sparx Maths delivers personalised intelligent maths practice, that is proven to boost grades. In the classroom and at home, Sparx Maths is a complete solution that improves students' progress in maths through personalised learning. A digital solution, Sparx maths uses videos, homework questions, and an overall data-driven approach to provide a personalised classroom learning and homework experience for pupils and insights into their learning for teachers and parents.

A big shout out to all Secondary students for putting in all of their amazing effort towards earning the XP points. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents who have been giving moral support and encouraging the students to complete their Sparx homework. 

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