Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, reflective, honest.


What are your favourite subjects and why?

Biology - It fuels my passion for marine biology. The teacher describes it enthusiastically while applying / relating content to real life experiences.


What kinds of extracurricular activities do you do and why?

Singing / Acting / Performing - It enables me to express myself in a more creative way outside academics. It builds my confidence in my talents and teaches me to be resilient to failure / making mistakes.


What opportunities has your school given you that you would not have had otherwise?

  • AISM has given me the chance to study in an international school with expat teachers and a more diverse community.
  • The ability to perform and act due to their resources and skills of teachers.
  • My motivation to be a high achiever at school stems from support and enthusiasm of teachers that makes me eager to learn.
  • The ability to lead the school as a captain and display my leadership qualities while supporting my peers.
  • Organising Shark Week that helped me educate the school community on a topic that I am passionate about.
  • Opportunities in debating, World Scholar’s Cup, THIMUN and camps overseas to Cambodia and Australia to understand different cultures and bond with my peers.


Describe your school in three words.

Diverse, welcoming, supportive.


What do you hope to do when you finish school?

I hope to volunteer around the world at marine conservation organisations to develop my skills and knowledge practically before possibly studying marine biology in university.


What do you think is the biggest problem with the world today? What can you do about it?

I think ignorance is the root cause of many major global issues. Ignorance drives a lack of understanding, curiosity and care for the things apparent in the world. For example, ignorance leads people to have little concern for our environment. Within my school community, family and friends, I hope to inspire them to learn by speaking to them of the things I am most passionate about.