"Hi, I’m Hali and I remembered when I joined Uplands Primary in the 3rd term of Y1.

I am not the type who likes to stand on the stage, and I don’t really like to raise my hand to answer the teacher's question. I tend to spend more time observing what’s happening around me and once I can start the work, I will begin. 

Because I did not like to get involved that much, it was hard for me when I studied in a public kindergarten in China. I was different and disobedient in the teachers’ eyes. However, in Uplands Primary, I had some freedom and tolerance from the school and the teachers. It made me more independent and confident, and they would even tolerate my behavior and encourage me to speak up. They taught me to be principled, honest, fair, caring, respectful, and tolerant of the many differences of the world. 

During the two years of Y5 and Y6, I was also elected as house captain for school house, this gave me the opportunity to organize some events for the rest of primary. I really enjoyed this time as I could communicate with the other people during our meetings and come up with new ideas. As I got more confident, my performance at the Y6 drama production, playing 3 roles, my performance was very relaxed and there was not a lot of pressure for me. This made my drama teacher back then really excited.

When entering secondary school, I felt that I was already independent enough to organise myself, my primary school teachers taught me to enjoy learning step by step and once you understand a certain topic, it is rewarding and feels great.

I have now finished Y9 and am heading into Y10 in August. I completed all the courses with good results while not having a whole lot of pressure on me. I never have any conflicts with my parents because of my study, they trust me and let me organise myself the best I can. 

I sincerely recommend my Primary school to you—Uplands Primary School. I feel that you and your children will feel included and engaged during school times. Even as a parent, you may have the chance to go back to Primary School again and experience some of what the students are doing at school."


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