? If you are observant on Techno trend, you will know coding will be part of the life skill, where coding is now embarking into our education system, time will tell. It’s no longer a hype like “coding is cool, go do it,”, but it’s now “coding is a must, go do it”. It’s not for playing, it’s a skills that you can’t live without.

? For those made coding before, you will agree with me that it teach you how to think, where programming knowledge will accelerate your lifestyle and careers. Coding is not just for engineers in the future, learning to code would be relevant in an?y other jobs or hobbies.

?? In Feb of 2019, we started with Coding with Logical Concept, we want our Maker not only understand how the technology works, but how to utilize its potential to solve future problems.

So, let’s go!