Five polls were carried out on the Education Destination Malaysia and Private & International School Fair Facebook pages to gauge the top considerations when choosing an international school among parents today. A total of 192 people voted in the polls.

Here is an overview of the results: 

1. Are fees the most important consideration when choosing an international school for your child?

Based on the poll results, cost is a huge factor for 96% of the respondents when it comes to shortlisting international schools for their children. Fortunately, there is a wide range of international schools available today with varying fee structures. Therefore, it will not be difficult for parents to find a school that fits their budget. 


2. Will you choose a school based on its location? (ie. closer to home compared to one that is further away to save time)

There are approximately 100 international schools located in the Klang Valley alone. The poll results show that 89% of respondents prefer if the school is closer to home to save on the time and the cost that comes with commuting. On the other hand, 11% of respondents do not mind sending their child to a school that is further away. If commuting is not convenient, many international schools provide transport (e.g., school buses, school vans) for their students.


3. Do you consider extracurricular activities offered as an important factor when it comes to choosing an international school?

The poll results indicate that 97% of respondents prioritise extracurricular activities when it comes to choosing a school. Students at international schools are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities for a well-balanced educational experience. Many international schools provide first-class facilities to carry out a variety of extracurricular activities related to sports and performing arts. There are a number of indoor and outdoor clubs that students can join as well. 


4. Would you send your child to an international school with a strong Mandarin language programme?

English is the main medium of instruction of all international schools in Malaysia. However, many schools offer additional classes in languages such as Mandarin, French and Spanish. Based on the poll results, 81% of respondents think it is important for their child to learn Mandarin in addition to the English language. 


5. Are teacher credentials important when it comes to choosing an international school for your child?

The results show that 94% of respondents want to know more about teachers’ qualifications before deciding on a school. Parents are encouraged to ask about the school’s teaching staff when visiting the school. In addition, certain schools publish their teachers’ credentials on their websites.


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