List of British Curriculum International Schools in Malaysia

There are currently over 170 international schools in Malaysia today. Each international school is unique in terms of their offerings such as the type of the curriculum followed. The British Curriculum is by far the most popular curriculum offered by international schools in Malaysia. However, it is common for international schools to offer more than one curriculum and academic qualification. For example, a school may offer the American Curriculum up until secondary school level and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at pre- university level. The range of international curricula offered in Malaysia is wide, with over ten curricula and examinations in total.

The British Curriculum is a broad and balanced curriculum framework inclusive of all of the major arts, sciences and humanities subjects. The curriculum’s syllabus is fortified by a systematic and rigorous approach for keeping track of progress and encouraging achievement, all the way from primary school to university level.

Important facts about the British Curriculum in Malaysia:

• The British Curriculum, also known as the English National Curriculum and the UK Curriculum, is common to most schools in England and Wales.

• The syllabus leads to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or its international equivalent, IGCSE, examinations at the end of secondary school. At pre-university level, students commonly sit for the A Level.

• A wide range of subjects which include arts, science and humanities are covered in the British Curriculum.

• The British Curriculum is sectioned into blocks of years called 'Key Stages' (KS). Students will be formally assessed at the end of each Key Stage.

• The Key Stages are KSl (ages 5 to 7), KS2 (ages 7 to 11), KS3 (ages 11 to 14), KS4 (ages 14 to 16) and KS5 (ages 16 to 18).

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Tawau, Sabah
Education level Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools Secondary Schools
Curriculum IGCSE British
Boarding YES
Education level Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools Secondary Schools Pre-University
Curriculum IGCSE International Baccalaureate British International Primary Curriculum
Boarding YES